Lesley N Day, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®

Wealth Management Advisor


As a woman I am making a conscious effort to work with other women, especially in male-dominated fields like finance.  I sought out Lesley first for that reason, then learned quickly that she was super regardless of gender. 

When I first met Lesley I knew she was the right financial planner for me.  She is smart, warm, kind, very easy to engage, and, just like me, is a mom.  She juggles it all and understands that some families, like mine, don't want to spend a lot time worrying about finances.  She efficiently ensures that we are planning well for the future without shifting our focus away from our busy life to constant money management.  I trust and appreciate her.

Lesley can teach at any level.  She answers my basic questions in an empowering way.  As I have learned more she has shifted the level of our conversation to be more nuanced.  She reads people really well and is good at meeting me where I am.

                                                                           -Julie Story Byerley, MD, MPH


We have worked with Lesley since the very beginning of our medical training.  She helped us establish a firm financial foundation from day one.  Now we have confidence going forward that we are on track to meet our life goals and we have the flexibility to adapt to changes as they occur. 

                                                                              -Drs. Jeff and Liz Dehmer
                                                                               Pediatric Surgery,      
                                                                                               NHRMC Physician Group


I never had a financial planner until I met Lesley and her team and I was in my late 50's by then.  I was always intimidated every time I met with planners and I never felt they had my interest at heart.  Lesley and her team felt different from day one.  She genuinely cared, took her time with us, and listened to our needs and developed an individualized plan that we were comfortable with- we never felt railroaded.  When Lesley asked what I wanted, I said, “for you to handle and worry about the money so I do not have to”- and that is exactly what has happened. 

                                                                                   -Stuart Gold, MD
                                                                        Chief, Department of Pediatrics and Division

                                                                                                     of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology,

                                                                                                      UNC Hospital



We enagaged with the Lesley Day Team when we had a rapid change in our financial status and knew there would be subsequent changes coming over the next year. It was a great decision not only to be guided through a few acute decisions, but also to get broader guidance that I never knew I needed! The most valuable thing that happened this year was planning for the distribution of money after retirement. Lesley's 'buckets' plan makes sense to non-financial people like me but also seems to be a financially sound approach for future planning in changing circumstances.

Our planning efforts have also helped engage my spouse more in financial discussions and made our finances more transparent and understandable to everyone. It is also nice having an expert with whom you have deveoped a trusting relationship that you can ask questions of when issues arise. In fact, our family recently had a major unexpected decision come up related to a new job and Lesley's guidance about the long term ramifications helped build our confidence in what we wanted to do. Honestly, I really hadn't thought much about it, but I probably came into it with a pretty skeptical view of the industry. The reason we chose Lesley is that she was willing to engage on a fee for service basis without feeling inordinate pressure to be specifically tied to products that Lesley's organization sells. The fiduciary relationship with Lesley's terrific interpersonal skills have helped build trust. How do you feel, as you move toward retirement, about your financial health? I feel good about it -- but thanks to Lesley I actualy don't think about it much! 

                                                                                              -Mike Steiner, MD

A great team led by Lesley Day who provided a comprehensive analysis and plan, excellent counsel, and remained engaged throughout the process.

                                                                                               -Timothy Weiner, MD

                                                                                                                    General Thoracic Pediatric Surgeon





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